SKU: Series Storage System
Huge Capacity and High Density
● A 3U chassis provides up to 320 TB capacity
● High-density design reduces the installation space requirement and transportation cost
Low consumption
For 20 TB enterprise HDD, lower consumption for each terabyte
Security and Reliability
● iRAID technology and N + M redundant mechanism allow up to 2 error HDDs in a single RAID
● HDD encryption technology protects data security by only allowing Hikvision device to read the data in HDD
● Rebuild fault HDD on-demand
● HDD periodic automatic replacement
Stream Data Management Structure of High Performance
Based on the bottom layer management structure of the stream media, it solves the problem that the damaged
file system will lead to file unreadability or loss and ensures no file fragments will be produced during overwriting
Direct Storage of Mixed Stream
● Supports mixed storage of video stream and SMART stream
● Supports camera access through protocols including RTSP, ONVIF, etc.
Erasure encoding and iRAID technologies ensure data integrity even when 2 HDDs in a single RAID are failed. If the
number of error HDD exceeds redundant limit, other HDDs can still be read and written
Abundant Application
● Continuous recording, manual recording, and alarm recording
User-Friendly Operation and Maintenance
● Supports one-key configuration to improve system configuration efficiency
● Raises device maintenance efficiency via abundant alarm management methods, like alarm via indicators,
and emails.

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